React Native: Background Task Management in iOS

How to implement background tasks in React Native apps

Limitations of background tasks

Integrating Background Tasks

React Native Background Timer

// install and link react-native-background-timeryarn add react-native-background-timer
react-native link react-native-background-timer
cd ios && pod install
// testing how long a setInterval background task runsexport const App = (props) => {   // start the timer
console.log('starting background timer');
// start interval loop
let i = 0;
setInterval(function () {
console.log('timer is now at increment ' + i);
// manually stop the process after one minute
if (i === 20) {
}, 3000);
return(<Text>Testing Background Timer</Text>);

Always end background tasks

Enabling background modes in XCode

Within the Xcode project Capabilities tab, add the Background Modes capability to turn on features

Background Tasks with React Native Background Fetch

// install react-native-background-fetchyarn add react-native-background-fetch
react-native link react-native-background-fetch
cd ios && pod install

Configuring Background Tasks

Implementing background tasks

The accumulation of tasks in the foreground, followed by periodic processing when the task is executed

Checking background task status

// taken from react-native-background-fetch type definitions* | BackgroundFetch.STATUS_RESTRICTED  | Background fetch updates are unavailable and the user cannot enable them again. For example, this status can occur when parental controls are in effect for the current user. |* | BackgroundFetch.STATUS_DENIED  | The user explicitly disabled background behavior for this app or for the whole system. |* | BackgroundFetch.STATUS_AVAILABLE  | Background fetch is available and enabled. |
// BackgroundTasks.jsximport BackgroundFetch from 'react-native-background-fetch'export const backgroundFetchStatus = () =>
new Promise((resolve) => {
BackgroundFetch.status((status) => {

Handling background tasks server-side

Permission Changes are also Background Processes

In Summary

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