MongoDB & Node.js: Writing Efficient Operations and Aggregations

How to handle common data aggregation tasks in MongoDB as data scales

Ross Bulat
9 min readJul 21, 2021

MongoDB is the dominant database adopting the document data model in use today. Even Mongo’s homepage title states their solution is the most popular database for modern apps, and this is hard to argue against given the success of the database and surrounding ecosystem of tools that facilitate all stages of the database pipeline, from deployment to testing and optimising performance.

The mongodb package currently boasts over 2.5 million weekly downloads at the time of writing, with clients ranging from hobbyists to large enterprises.

MongoDB will likely be the database of choice for you or your team if you are:

  • Building a backend for iOS / Android apps and require a robust and reliable database to store app data.
  • Running a cloud service that handles a large amount of data where processing power or data storage requirements go beyond a one instance solution. Such services can range from data analytics to social media content.
  • A student and wish to learn a relevant database to boost your career prospects. Education is well supported at MongoDB, and there are indeed a range of courses on the…



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