In-app purchase validation is a critical task that every app supporting purchases and subscription should implement as a means to prove the integrity of purchase tokens and transaction records. Validation can be used to validate a newly created transaction or validate a subscription to check it is still active.


In-app purchases and subscriptions in 2021: Time for a change?

After more than a year of using react-native-iap as my React Nativ e in-app purchase solution, I recently decided to migrate to expo-in-app-purchases to resolve a number of issues I was facing with the former package.

It is evident from my development journey that expo-in-app-purchases is the better package to…


In this article I will share a deep merging solution for adding sets of themes to your React apps. By deep merging multiple theme objects hosted in different files that adhere to a common theme structure, you can keep sets of themes separate and scale your theme capabilities with ease.

Expo AV: Reliable Native Audio Support

This article introduces the expo-av package, a universal audio (playing and recording) and video module for React Native projects. The package is maintained by Expo, the go-to library for bootstrapping React Native projects targeting a range of platforms.

Audio packages have come and gone in the React Native ecosystem, most…

Introduction to Matrices

Matrices are a fundamental concept in AI, especially when working with neural networks and the majority of sub-fields of machine learning, such as image processing and synthesising, natural language processing, prediction — just about all types of deep learning models rely on matrices to contain and manipulate numerical collections of…

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