MongoDB is the dominant database adopting the document data model in use today. Even Mongo’s homepage title states their solution is the most popular database for modern apps, and this is hard to argue against given the success of the database and surrounding ecosystem of tools that facilitate all stages…


In-app purchase validation is a critical task that every app supporting purchases and subscription should implement as a means to prove the integrity of purchase tokens and transaction records. Validation can be used to validate a newly created transaction or validate a subscription to check it is still active.


In-app purchases and subscriptions in 2021: Time for a change?

After more than a year of using react-native-iap as my React Nativ e in-app purchase solution, I recently decided to migrate to expo-in-app-purchases to resolve a number of issues I was facing with the former package.

It is evident from my development journey that expo-in-app-purchases is the better package to…


In this article I will share a deep merging solution for adding sets of themes to your React apps. By deep merging multiple theme objects hosted in different files that adhere to a common theme structure, you can keep sets of themes separate and scale your theme capabilities with ease.

Conditionals in TypeScript, also introduced in the TypeScript handbook, allow us to deterministically define types depending on what parameterised types consist of. The general basic rule is:

type ConditionalType = T extends U ? X : Y

If parameter T extends some type U, then assign X, otherwise assign Y.

TypeScript gained popularity over 2020 and is now in the upper bracket of the programming salary range. If you are a JavaScript developer you have most likely been exposed to TypeScript in some project you have worked on.

This article, along with others surrounding it, will introduce the reader to…

This piece introduces redux-persist, a package that automates the process of persisting state from your Redux store to local device storage, such as AsyncStorage in the case of React Native. redux-persist also repopulates your Redux store on subsequent app launches, otherwise known as rehydration. …

Expo AV: Reliable Native Audio Support

This article introduces the expo-av package, a universal audio (playing and recording) and video module for React Native projects. The package is maintained by Expo, the go-to library for bootstrapping React Native projects targeting a range of platforms.

Audio packages have come and gone in the React Native ecosystem, most…

Artificial Neural Networks: The Foundation of ML

This article introduces the feed-forward neural network, its underlying structure and how a “forward pass” (generating an output from input data) is performed within it. …

Introduction to Matrices

Matrices are a fundamental concept in AI, especially when working with neural networks and the majority of sub-fields of machine learning, such as image processing and synthesising, natural language processing, prediction — just about all types of deep learning models rely on matrices to contain and manipulate numerical collections of…

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